Thursday, 5 May 2011 Raves Over Bhagnari Beauty & Talent

Two Bhagnaris...
Beautiful, Rashmi Mehta and Talented, Pia Gehani Make Us All Proud

The latest edition of covers the wedding of Rashmi Mehta and raves over her beauty and the dress:

Move over Kate, there is a new dress that we are OBSESSING over. Today’s fabulous Indian wedding from Thailand, by Andrew Adams Photography, had me swooning as soon as I saw this gorgeous blue number from the couple’s “Masquerade Sangeet.” Whaaa…what? A Masquerade Sangeet? Then I started flipping out over that. So, before we dive into this amazing love story, let’s start right where I fell in love. The dress, the color, the cut, the textured fabric...the whole dress is a royal blue ten!

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kartik Dudeja - A Bhagnari Tendulkar on Horizon

Bhagnari youngsters are not only excelling in academics, but also doing well in sports. One such Bhagnari is Kartik Dudeja, who lives in Dubai.

Kartik started playing cricket for his school at the age of 10 years and within his first two matches he was recognised for his blasting shots. The school coach nominated him to be the opening batsman for Dubai Modern Hight School. He has since then been taking coaching from his school coach as well as various other prominent coaches. In last 3 years he represented the school in under 12 team, participated in Max Talent Under 13 Tournament and Sharjah Cricket Council tournament for under 16. This year he travelled to Mumbai for inter school matches where his team won 5 out of 6 matches. The highlight of the tour was his maiden unbeaten century at Shivaji Park. He topped the batting average on the tour. Currently he is playing in Shreyas Memorial Dubai Modern High School Tournament. Following article was published in a local newspaper in Dubai, which highlights Kartik's batting prowess:

Saturday, 6 November 2010


On the occasion of her first death anniversary, we remember our Mom and pay tribute to all she has done. She was a great soul...a very caring and loving mother who loved all her children immensely and always prayed for their well-being and success in life. She sacrificed a lot raising all the kids alone while our Dad worked abroad in Kuwait and it was only after many years that she was able to join him in Kuwait...They both had a wonderful life in Kuwait and were very active in social and religious circles, especially the Hindu temple where she sang melodious Bhajans at the request of the listeners. Whenever Swami Chinmayananada visited Kuwait, she often offered Biksha at her home where one is required not only to dedicate meals to visiting Sanyasis but to a number of other devotees accompanying Swamiji.

She was a great cook and all her family and friends from Kuwait will vouch for that. It was unfortunate that she was paralyzed for more than 25 years of her life and as a result used to be very depressed at times. The fact that she left so soon after our Dad left is proof that they both loved each other very much and were inseparable…We hope that they are both together in peace in eternity…

Missed by her children Asha, Prakash /Anita and Rajesh/Jayshree..., grand children, relatives and friends…

On her first death anniversary the 5th of November, we all pray to God and offer Shradanjali so that her divine soul may rest in peace…

Thursday, 14 October 2010


On the occasion of his first death anniversary, we, the near and dear ones relive the memories of this great personality. Shri Hiranand was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and was married in 1947 at the time of partition. His personality was engrossed in his name, viz: HIRA, HE WAS A REAL GEM. He had a very loving personality and always extended a helping hand to others. Following the bitter rivalries amongst Hindus and Muslims post independence, he also suffered the evils of partition and decided to migrate to Bombay to rebuild a new life. Whilst in Bombay, one of Hiranand’s friends was offered a job in Kuwait, but his mother did not allow him to go to a foreign country, so he asked Hira if he would take the offer in his place. He accepted this challenge as a life changing opportunity and migrated to Kuwait where he worked extremely hard to sustain his family, making a lot of personal sacrifices. After years of hard struggle, he established his foothold in Kuwait and helped not only his brothers and sisters settle there but in addition helped numerous other Bhagnaris and non-Bhagnaris earn a decent living with lucrative jobs in Kuwait. He derived pleasure seeing others rise in their careers and become prosperous.
He was a very kind and fun loving person and a very talented singer. He would sing in such a soulful and melodious voice, that people would come down from their houses and stand in the staircase to listen to him sing devotional songs. He had a tremendous sense of humor and would always make everyone laugh. He was always a Giver and was ever ready to reach out to people without discriminating. He was also a very involved father, father-in-law and grandfather which made the children very dependent on him. In short He was our Guru. He loved his children, brothers and sisters a lot and was a devoted husband. Later in life, he took care of his ailing wife for more than 25 years, despite his own struggles with multiple knee and hip surgeries. He took these sufferings as divine blessings and continued unabated with his daily routine of material and spiritual work. He was a devoted father and wanted both his sons to have the best of education, which he himself was not fortunate enough to achieve. Through his efforts and guidance, both his sons were sent abroad who graduated with honors from Stanford University, USA and Cardiff University, UK respectively. He was a very spiritual and pious person, attending all religious functions and even to his last day kept reminiscing of how he enjoyed going to all the temples and satsangs everyday. He was a great soul full of compassion that touched everyone’s heart instantly. He was a very humble and modest person despite his multifarious achievements in life...
In Kuwait, he played a pivotal role in getting his boss Kutaiyba Alghanim actively involved in bringing Swami Chinmayananada’s mission to Kuwait, a staunch Muslim country where other religions were not allowed to practice their faith freely. The Chinmaya Mission in Kuwait is on solid footing today not seen in other Gulf countries. Kutaiyba Alghanim even donated Rs. One lakh towards the construction of the dome (Shiv Ling) at the Chinmaya Mission temple in Powaii Mumbai... (In 1972 One Lakh was a big amount)
Additionally, he helped the Bhagnari welfare society and other non Bhagnari organizations in many ways and also contributed money to be awarded on yearly basis for deserving candidates in pursuit of higher education…
He has certainly left a deep void in all our lives. We really miss him and pray that, he may rest eternally in Heavenly bliss.…

Missed by his children Asha, Prakash and Rajesh, daughters-in-law Anita and Jayshree, brothers Daulat, Shewa, Prem and Sunil, sisters Leela and Mohini, and all his grandchildren,
great grandchildren, relatives and friends…

On his first death anniversary on 15th of Oct., we all pray to God that his divine soul rest in peace…

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Rhea Nasta unveils her Jewelled Collection on 17th August, 2010 starting 3.00p.m at IIJW Grand Hyatt.

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes…

Inspired from the traditional Kamasutra… RHEA NASTA, head designer of Popley, displays an exquisite collection of RHEA designer jewels spread across 3 time periods. The collection takes you back in time where vilandi necklaces are worn with kamar-bandhs and the hair is adorned with gold ornaments; moving on to the age of remixes, fusion and glam where Indian inspirations meet western panache. We then visit the era of the contemporary woman, who steals the show with her elegance and aura.

A perfect Woman, nobly planned
To warm, to comfort and command
And yet a Spirit still, and bright
With something of angelic light

A 'Cinderalla Shoe' encrusted with over 1,200 diamonds is what ended designer Rhea Nasta's show at the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW).

The show that gave glimpses of the designer's three collections - Villandi, Cocktail and Sparkler - was concluded by ace choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and his wife Jesse Randhawa dancing and enacting the story of Cinderella and her lost shoe.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Bhagnari Quiz Contest - 22AUG2010

Bhagnari Quiz Contest was held in Kataria Colony on 22nd August. 15 teams participated in the quiz.

The contest was won by the team of Naresh Nasta, Rhea Nasta and Ansh Nasta.
The 2nd prize went to the team of Ashok Lulla, Vishal Nasta and Shagun Nasta.
The 3rd prize was won by the team of Vinay Gehi, Sneh Gehi and Shivani Kataria.

The show was compered by Shilpa Singh (Kataria), who kept the contestants and the audience thoroughly engrossed and entertained.

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tahilram Motumal Kanar - One of our Unsung Heros

In our effort to highlight the achievements of Bhagnaris, we have mainly concentrated on our youngsters. In this article, on the occasion of India’s 64th Independence Day, we bring to you the achievements of one of our unsung heroes, who was a selfless freedom fighter and a talented artist.

Tahilram Motumal Kanar, popularly known as “Taala”, was born in a family of literates. From the childhood he was instrumental in organising freedom rallies. During the Quit India movement he fought for India’s freedom, along with people like Ravjibhai Ganatra, who went on to become mayor of Mumbai. When Mahatma Gandhi visited Karachi for the Quit India movement, Tahilram acted as one of the main volunteers.

He used to organise Prabhat Pheris (early morning processions), where they sang songs for freedom. He wrote several Sindhi, Bhagnari and Hindi songs, of which the following nationalist songs become very popular:

- Aayo aayo re Quomi fakeer, kuch naale watan je diyo
- Tahil akhenda Tahil karo, Waqt Tahil da aaya hey
- Gandhi ek langoti wala, jiske jande ke rang teen
- Jai Jai Bharat Mata (this was a very popular song and was sung in schools and cultural programs all over India)

He spent 7 years in jail at various times and suffered injuries in lathi charges. He was well supported by his wife Putli and his brother Issardas Kanar (Master), inspite of the financial difficulties faced by them. After India became independent he received offers from Congress Party for various posts, but he refused them stating that his job was done. Many of his juniors grabbed the opportunity and achieved high positions and material rewards.

He was a talented story and play writer in Bhagnari and Hindi languages. One of his plays was staged in Bhagnari Para in Karachi. Thakurdas Kamra, Ramesh U Mehta and many other Bhagnari artists acted in his plays. His songs like “Halo Halo Ri Sakhi Hardwar Haloon..Ganga Jamuna je Paar Haloon” and “Hey Koi Laal Mai Da Makhna, Mekoon Deve Dilasa Sakhna”, were a big hit. He wrote several scripts for movies, most of which were plagiarized by film producers without giving him due credit.

He also acted in films with one of his dearest friends, Moolchand Dewan. Their pairing was called Taala and Moola. They were the first Bhagnaris who acted in movies.

Being a fighter all his life, God repaid for his deeds by curing his dreaded throat decease and he passed away peacefully.

Tahilram’s grand-son Bharat has an interesting account to share. “I still remember how on 15th August, I was lazing in bed, instead of participating in the school’s flag hosting ceremony, as most school kids found it a drag to attend the same. Baba came over to me, a certain pain in his eyes, and explained as to how much torture and trouble he and his peers had to undertake to witness this glorious flag to be hoisted. Henceforth, I was one of the regular participants in the flag hoisting ceremony.

It will be interesting to know that his service to the nation was also acknowledged by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, when he received a letter which appreciated his efforts in India’s freedom struggle. It was indeed a very proud moment! He will always remain in my fondest memories.”

Vishnu Kataria who lives in the UK had the good fortune of interacting with him at a young age. He has kindly forwarded the following write-up about his impressions:

Tahilram has remained an unsung hero. Bhagnaris have worshipped wealth and power all these years but neglected talents of our heroes in other directions. To me he was almost like a father who guided me through the early years of my life. I met him one morning in Jodi Bazaar in Karachi where he was running a clothes stall, close to the perfume shops. Tall, with a face like a Roman soldier, but with a heart of gold, he spoke with the power of Prithviraj. “Son”, he said, “would you help me with the Bulletin.”

Bhagnaris of my age would perhaps remember that Bulletin was the main instrument of freedom movement, a brain child of Tahilram, a short magazine printed under the cellar of his house which also served as a candle factory, the main source of his livelihood. I was promoted as a candle maker and later as the sales person.

Tahilram's brother, as you will perhaps all know, was Master Issardas, who was then a surveyor with the municipal corporation. The family lived on the same floor with their mother. I was twelve and the Quit India movement had taken hold of India. Tahilram was the leader of the Bhagnari movement. There were four to five boys including myself who helped in the printing and distribution of the Bulletin door to door, an offence punishable by the British with a prison sentence of six to twelve months.

Tahilram, the bread-winner of the family, would ignore his dear wife Putli and thrust himself fully into the movement that had gripped us all – young and old. I clearly remember that he had, on one occasion, led a large procession to Boulton Market Police Station and laid a peaceful siege of the police station without any violence. The station was surrounded by Bhagnari and Sindhi neighbours. We kids stayed at the back of the procession. Tahilram, being the leader of the group, was taken into custody and I was pushed back by the Police as being too young to be taken into custody.

This was the political side of our dear friend, guide and philosopher Tahilram. Let us not forget that he was an artist as well. He was a great actor and director.

I will always remember his famous words: As we march ahead, we go backwards. These highly philosophical words sting in my ears as I see that the people around me in England and Mumbai are going backwards, while technologically we are supposed to be marching forward.

I had met him in Mumbai when I had started teaching in K.C. College. He was a changed man, his eyes showed intense pain and suffering, his dreams vanished, our community gradually split and darkened by economic struggle. He was, if I remember well, a disillusioned man but then he had one asset: his family, a dedicated wife and two loving children, of whom he was intensely proud of.”